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Terms & Conditions for Participation with Caribbean Robotics Academy (CRA)

Adherence to Partner (REC Foundation) Code of Conduct

All participants must adhere to the code of conduct set forth by our esteemed partners, the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation.


Team Composition, ID Badges, and Access

For our competitions and events (Regional Tournaments & National Championship), the standard team composition consists of up to 4 students and 1 mentor. Each of these members will be provided with an ID badge for identification and access during events. Teams wishing to have more than the stipulated 4 students and 1 mentor can acquire additional ID badges, but will be required to pay a fee for each extra badge. If a team has submitted their team profile with more than 4 students and 1 mentor, an invoice for the amount of the extra ID cards will be sent via email to the respective team.

It's imperative to note that no more than 4 students and 1 mentor per team are allowed in the pits and competition area at any given time. If teams wish to switch members, the student leaving the competition and pits area must surrender their ID badge to the Check In Table Official. Once the badge is surrendered, the Official will provide the incoming member with the appropriate ID, whether it's the official ID or a provisional one.


Should any participant lose their ID badge, they will be required to pay a fee to have it replaced.

Data Protection

CRA pledges to safeguard the personal data of its participants, using such data solely for purposes related to the event.

Game Rules

Participants must thoroughly review and adhere to the game manual relevant to their category (VEX IQ, VRC, VEXU).


Safety Protocols

Safety is of paramount importance to CRA. All participants must abide by safety rules and regulations set both by CRA and the hosting venue.

Adherence to Game Settings

Participants must adapt to the game settings provided, whether the games are played on the floor or elevated up to a maximum of 3 feet.

Certification for Head Referees and Judge Advisors

To maintain the highest standards of competition fairness and integrity, any individual serving in the roles of Head Referee or Judge Advisor must be officially certified for those positions. Only those who have completed the requisite training and earned their certification are permitted to fulfill these critical duties during our events.

Recording of Matches

CRA will be recording tournament matches for referee reviews in case of disputes or event occurrences. Videos recorded by third parties not affiliated with CRA staff will not be considered for review.

Media Consent

Participating in CRA events grants CRA permission to use their likeness, voice, and representation in media formats, including photographs and videos, without any further compensation. Direct communication to a team for coverage should be redirected to CRA Media Representatives for streamlined and coordinated outreach. This ensures efficient coordination and alignment with organizational objectives.

Showcasing Works

CRA reserves the right to showcase and reference participants' designs, ideas, and creations for promotional and educational purposes.

Intellectual Property

No participant, spectator, supporter, or any other attendee at CRA events is permitted to plagiarize, reproduce, redistribute, or otherwise use CRA's proprietary materials without explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to, graphic arts, brands, logos, banners, and other documents. All materials and intellectual properties are owned by CRA, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

International Competitions

Qualified Teams

Teams that qualify for international competitions through the CRA National Robotics Championship will be given specific travel, hotel, and rate details. Teams are responsible for their own travel, registration, and accommodation expenses. Participation in such international events necessitates adherence to a specific code of conduct and meeting all CRA-established requirements.


Delegates Uniforms

Uniforms provided for international competitions are sometimes funded through donations and sponsorships. These must only be used for related events unless CRA gives explicit permission. The delegation uniform is restricted to the official team delegates and their mentor (one mentor per team).

Sponsorship Proposals

Teams believing they have potential sponsorship contacts should provide CRA with the contact's name, phone number, email address, and company name.



If a team directly receives a donation from a sponsor, they understand they will not receive additional funds from other general delegation sponsors. All donation distributions are determined by CRA. The sponsorship proposal is based on teams comprising official delegate students and one mentor per team. Teams qualifying for the international competition through means other than the CRA National Championship will not be considered for donations. However, they can opt to sponsor the delegation's uniforms and the representative team banner.



CRA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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