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The Caribbean Robotics Academy’s mission is to increase student interest and participation in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) by engaging them in robotics engineering platforms.


We work for a future where students become aware of the importance of teamwork, experience failure, persevere, and succeed. Also, to get the opportunity to be excited about learning, inspired by innovation through technology. 



Caribbean Robotics Academy (C.R.A.) is a non-profit organization founded by two young engineers, Pedro Alvarado and Kelianet Roque, looking to share their knowledge and passion for the STEAM community.


Core Values




Group Creativity

Problem Solving

Meet The Team

Pedro Alvarado.png

Pedro Alvarado

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kelianet Roque.png

Kelianet Roque

Co-Founder & Program Director

Code of Conduct

The Caribbean Robotics Academy follows the Code of Conduct of The REC Foundation that considers the positive, respectful, and ethical conduct of all students, teachers, mentors, parents, and other event attendees an important and essential component of all VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, and VEX U events. Please download and review the Code of Conduct for an overview of expectations for participants’ behavior and ethical standards at all REC Foundation-sanctioned events.

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